Parenting is Hard Sometimes…

My youngest, John, is sick. But his reaction to this is not the norm. He can have a 103* fever and be jumping about like a monkey, but this fever of 101-102 has torn him down. He slept all yesterday, and most of today. Didn’t eat for over 24 hours ( and he loves to eat) and not drink for about that long.

With his history of AM Leukemia, I worried plenty about how lethargic he was, and took him to the docs to get a full blood count done (CBC). They also took cultures for strep and Mono, which is making the rounds around here. Those I will have to wait 2-3 days for the culture results. This is also the third times he’s been sick in about so many months!

So, I spent last night and all of today in a foggy state of worry. Bills sat unpaid, dishes unclean, and laundry unwashed. But then there are some thing that are more important than a picked up house.

Tomorrow will be a new day, and with a first dose of antibiotics down, hope to see a little bit more for my happy child back tomorrow.

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