My New Addiction…

So, another night/day with my weighted/gravity blanket. I think I’m in love…I literally tote this thing from the bedroom, to the recliner, then back to the bed every day. I tried to go back to regular blanket…nope not happening.

Now if you are one that thinks regular comforters are too bulky and heavy and hate them, this may not be the blanket type for you. What they are NOT is bulky, which suprised me. They are more like the thickness of a reading blanket.

Like I’ve mentioned before, you buy the size based on the space you take up sleeping, not size of bed. So mine is a Full-sized one (using bed size terms). It’s 18 lbs. they often have advice out there to go by 10% of your body weight, but there are also articles to the contrary. So you’ll have to decide which way you go. What i wanted to make sure was that it was in some way washable.

Many brands, automatically go by size/weight, so it’s not that confusing. I had two weight choices, and picked the lower weight.

This blanket works for sleeping on back and on sides-I am side sleeper, but I also wear a CPAP, so have to sleep mostly on my back.

As I’m approaching good ol’ menapause, my sleep temp changes throughout the night. So I opted for a silky bamboo/nylon/cotton on one side (cool) and minky *(warm) duvet that came with the blanket. I also picked one with small diamond/square pockets to keep the beads in place.

I went with micro glass beads as I read they are preferred, for quality and not as noisy as plastic pellets. Sand was a low priced option as well, but I didn’t even shop in that range.

As far as noise, the blanket makes none. I would have expected to hear them move around even in the little pockets they are sewn in, but no.

I can say that so far I really like this thing, I wasn’t sure but with various medical/emotional issues, I thought it couldn’t hurt. I’m not regretting it yet.

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