My New Addiction…

So, another night/day with my weighted/gravity blanket. I think I’m in love…I literally tote this thing from the bedroom, to the recliner, then back to the bed every day. I tried to go back to regular blanket…nope not happening.

Now if you are one that thinks regular comforters are too bulky and heavy and hate them, this may not be the blanket type for you. What they are NOT is bulky, which suprised me. They are more like the thickness of a reading blanket.

Like I’ve mentioned before, you buy the size based on the space you take up sleeping, not size of bed. So mine is a Full-sized one (using bed size terms). It’s 18 lbs. they often have advice out there to go by 10% of your body weight, but there are also articles to the contrary. So you’ll have to decide which way you go. What i wanted to make sure was that it was in some way washable.

Many brands, automatically go by size/weight, so it’s not that confusing. I had two weight choices, and picked the lower weight.

This blanket works for sleeping on back and on sides-I am side sleeper, but I also wear a CPAP, so have to sleep mostly on my back.

As I’m approaching good ol’ menapause, my sleep temp changes throughout the night. So I opted for a silky bamboo/nylon/cotton on one side (cool) and minky *(warm) duvet that came with the blanket. I also picked one with small diamond/square pockets to keep the beads in place.

I went with micro glass beads as I read they are preferred, for quality and not as noisy as plastic pellets. Sand was a low priced option as well, but I didn’t even shop in that range.

As far as noise, the blanket makes none. I would have expected to hear them move around even in the little pockets they are sewn in, but no.

I can say that so far I really like this thing, I wasn’t sure but with various medical/emotional issues, I thought it couldn’t hurt. I’m not regretting it yet.

Life Doesn’t Pause, Even When You Need It…

My Mom’s journey in Hospice care is going well so far. They visit twice a week and give me weekly updates. If she ever needs more care they will see her up to twice a day; hopefully that never happens.

Car has been fixed and all the damaged from the house water damage done; but things took a bad spin when we had to put our dog to sleep.

She was a adopted Labrador Retriever mix, 15 years old. She was suffering from a calcification of her lower spine that was cutting off control to her back legs. One morning, she was found in her own mess in the kitchen unable to stand up-even with help. It was time. We had put it if off for months, hoping herbal supplements and such would bring some relief to her but she just kept getting worse, and this was the final straw.

One of the worst days of my life as I sat so close to her head I could feel her breathing stop, and it was done. It felt as if part of me wanted to turn back the clock ten seconds when she was happily eating the treats they were giving her, and the other part knew it was the right thing to do. It felt like it killed a part of me all the same.

Although way to early for me, my son begged for a replacement for Duke (our other dog) as a companion for him. So, off to the pound I went.

Now I’m wish I was one that could walk into a place like that and if nothing is perfect, then walk away, but I can’t. So what do I do? I walk out of there, with a friend, with a four month old Chocolate Lab mix; $200 worth of transporting kennel and indoor house kennel and dog toys. *sigh*

Now, it’s every two hours around the clock pee/poop outside, constant eye on her in the house, and a step on the leash when she tries to get away with something. Perhaps I’ll grow to love her, but the timing is so soon for me. I’m still grieving our first “baby”, and now caring for a new one. It’ll take time, and I will heal and love again.

Will it ever end?

So, still working on the rebuild of the water damage and insurance calls. Haggling back and forth, trying to keep MY cost to a minimum. It’s been a blast….NOT.

Now, just yesterday, I got into a car accident in my husband’s car. This right after getting the all green on a maintenance check from the dealership; I mean not even minutes later! I got slammed into a concrete median, which tore the left tire right off the rim. Awesome.

Now juggling bills for the concrete work, insurance claims for house and car, and repairs companies for both. Tired can’t even begin to describe the way I feel, but it’s got to get done.

What a week!

As I’m planning feverishly for a late Spring Cleaning, and I had to tend to a friend of mine ending up getting bussed to the ER and today Mom going to the ER!

This is not the Fresh Spring I was imagining. My friend (unbeknownst to her) overdosed on a migraine formula with aspirin in it over a five day period. She had shallow breathing, couldn’t stand or walk, could hardly speak coherently and all kinds of other symptoms.

As she doesn’t have a car her daughter called me but when. I saw how bad she was, I called 911 instead. I was really scared! They took her to the nearest hospital and her daughter and I followed. We stayed with her till she was safe enough to discharge and didn’t have to be fully admitted.

Then my Mom slammed her finger in a door at the Home last night, and then this morning she fell. She badly bruised her chin, and broke her thumb. She has advanced Dementia, so she couldn’t quite grasp what all was happening to her, and her hearing has gone bad. So I had to type it up on my phone is large font to let her know what happened.

I’m terribly worn out, and don’t want to see another ER in the near future, if ever again.

Parenting is Hard Sometimes…

My youngest, John, is sick. But his reaction to this is not the norm. He can have a 103* fever and be jumping about like a monkey, but this fever of 101-102 has torn him down. He slept all yesterday, and most of today. Didn’t eat for over 24 hours ( and he loves to eat) and not drink for about that long.

With his history of AM Leukemia, I worried plenty about how lethargic he was, and took him to the docs to get a full blood count done (CBC). They also took cultures for strep and Mono, which is making the rounds around here. Those I will have to wait 2-3 days for the culture results. This is also the third times he’s been sick in about so many months!

So, I spent last night and all of today in a foggy state of worry. Bills sat unpaid, dishes unclean, and laundry unwashed. But then there are some thing that are more important than a picked up house.

Tomorrow will be a new day, and with a first dose of antibiotics down, hope to see a little bit more for my happy child back tomorrow.

Zen Time…

I usually spend this time, about 30 minutes, to listen to gentle Celtic music, drink my coffee, and not have to a be a wife or parent. Time spent in solitude, before the day brings on whatever may be in store for me, I can still relax.

As I sat here with my coffee, my little one, John, came out to join me. So much for the kid-free zone; but I hold no grudges. He is a cheerful little guy, unlike his mom, in the morning. A welcome site most of the time.

I try to spend each weekday morning like this. I found that trying it at the end of day leaves my brain spinning with all the events that have come to pass; in the morning, all is new, and so I can start clean. I don’t think of the plans I have of the day and perhaps just reflect on a dream or two from the night that i remember.

Well, this is short, but I have about 15 minutes before getting my boys ready for their school day, and i have coffee to drink.

I wish all of you a great day, of smile and peace-I hope to enjoy the same.

My Beginning of May…

I decided to open my first day of May 2019 with a bang, so to to speak. My body seemed to think tripping on the concrete steps out on the front of our house was a good way to start the month.

The irony of all this, was that I thought I would do my son a favor, and do one of his chores for him while he was at school and I had extra time at home. I don’t think I’m going to help him out anymore *wink*.

It ended up with me not being able to walk on one foot, and fearing a break, had x-rays the next day. No break, but very nasty swelling, and confirmation of what I already knew I have burrs on my heels. Getting older is not proving an enjoyable experience for me , physically.

All said I’m to rest up my foot a couple of days, and if no improvement, see the doc again, blah, blah, blah.

I’m hoping the rest of the month is less eventful.

A New Beginning….

As I notice a handful of people coming across my site and liking what I’ve posted (a year ago, when I stopped), I decided to give it a go again.

Instead of making 7 blogs, at this time, that are tightly targeted, I’ve decided I will just share here. I’m a older mom (almost 50) of two children, run a household -if somewhat poorly-and also care for and elderly mother with advanced dementia.

With those expansive dynamics in my life,it’s hard to untangle them for individual blog pages, as they are so intertwined into what makes me, well, ME.

So, I will regather my thoughts, start anew, right here. I hope that the things I share that you may come across speak to you, and perhaps it may not; but feel free to leave comments if you have anything to add or share.

Till then, I wish you well, and will see you around the next corner!

Hide and Seek and Nerf Guns

Who would have guessed that playing indoor hide and seek, armed with a Nerf gun would be so fun! But with a giggly 10-year old, it turns out to be quite fun.

The weather has been rather hot here, and inside games that entertain and keep a 10 year old active are limited. Thanks to Henry’s creative imagination we spent over an hour in high intensity combat and seek and conquer.

John even gets into the act rooting for Henry, since I’m the better shot. So he always makes sure that Henry’s okay. They have such a great relationship; I continue to marvel at it.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a bit cooler so maybe a shopping trip is in order for new clothes.