What a week!

As I’m planning feverishly for a late Spring Cleaning, and I had to tend to a friend of mine ending up getting bussed to the ER and today Mom going to the ER!

This is not the Fresh Spring I was imagining. My friend (unbeknownst to her) overdosed on a migraine formula with aspirin in it over a five day period. She had shallow breathing, couldn’t stand or walk, could hardly speak coherently and all kinds of other symptoms.

As she doesn’t have a car her daughter called me but when. I saw how bad she was, I called 911 instead. I was really scared! They took her to the nearest hospital and her daughter and I followed. We stayed with her till she was safe enough to discharge and didn’t have to be fully admitted.

Then my Mom slammed her finger in a door at the Home last night, and then this morning she fell. She badly bruised her chin, and broke her thumb. She has advanced Dementia, so she couldn’t quite grasp what all was happening to her, and her hearing has gone bad. So I had to type it up on my phone is large font to let her know what happened.

I’m terribly worn out, and don’t want to see another ER in the near future, if ever again.

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