Zen Time…

I usually spend this time, about 30 minutes, to listen to gentle Celtic music, drink my coffee, and not have to a be a wife or parent. Time spent in solitude, before the day brings on whatever may be in store for me, I can still relax.

As I sat here with my coffee, my little one, John, came out to join me. So much for the kid-free zone; but I hold no grudges. He is a cheerful little guy, unlike his mom, in the morning. A welcome site most of the time.

I try to spend each weekday morning like this. I found that trying it at the end of day leaves my brain spinning with all the events that have come to pass; in the morning, all is new, and so I can start clean. I don’t think of the plans I have of the day and perhaps just reflect on a dream or two from the night that i remember.

Well, this is short, but I have about 15 minutes before getting my boys ready for their school day, and i have coffee to drink.

I wish all of you a great day, of smile and peace-I hope to enjoy the same.

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