Late Parenting

I’m a married, 47 year old mother of two boys. Henry is 10 years old and his brother, John (who has Down Syndrome), is 6 years old. We live in Nebraska, and there are even two furry children (dogs) in the household to boot.

When I get the time I like to do paper crafts, such as making cards and scrapbooking of all types; but time is little and precious these days!

My boys and the chores of keeping the house standing is all there is time for sometimes, but I do try to squeeze in me-time when I can. It may be crafts, it may be a horror move, or two.

This blog is our journey through the modern age and trying to keep up, at a later age, with little ones in the house and all the trials and celebrations that come with it. It’s about sharing with my kids the knowledge my age comes with, while discovering things I can learn from them.