Long Night Ahead…

John took a nap today and what that translate into is a late night for me. As the stay-at-home parent, I get to make sure he doesn’t get into mischief while he’s awake. I have given him small dose of Melatonin to aid him in calming down for the night, but it isn’t enough to make him sleepy, not yet anyway.

Henry, has a queasy stomach so school for him if not certain. With the Flu going around the way it seems this season, I hope he hasn’t caught it.

I could wait till all are asleep to write this, but fear what may bee written out being only half conscious now. Sunday night are always tough for some reason, leading to a tough Monday morning. John will be a joy by then-not so much :-/ .

Today, Henry tried ice skating for the first time, and in hindsight I wish I went. I chose, instead, to stay home with John. That is how he got so bored he took a nap.

I’m no ice skate pro, I like to hang on to the wall. As I look a lot like Bambi’s first Winter one my own two feet, you can only imagine what putting single steel blades under my feet must look like. It’s a dangerous combination, if not hilarious for on-lookers.

Luckily for him it was a nearly empty rink, from what my husband told me, so a good time to practice. Maybe next time I’ll go too.

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