Quiet Thanksgiving Holiday

This end-of-week will be a quiet one; and first anniversary of my Mother-In-Law’s passing. It’ll be a simple chicken dinner for the family at home, may some ham to boot.

Been making, twice a week, meals from HelloFresh.com. It’s convenient, and although not gourmet, it’s good eating for the family with simple ingredients. I love to cook, but often find that getting specific recipe ingredients to be troublesome since I can’t buy in small batches and most of the produce goes bad. This way I get only what I need and can always refer to the recipes in the future if I want.

The kids get holiday from school starting tomorrow, so will have to plan accordingly; gonna be tough since getting cold out and John’s hesitation to go anywhere. But may get an outing squeezed in to avoid kids getting cabin fever and driving me bonky.

Avoiding Black Friday- which now starts on Thursdays these days-like the plague, I have never participated in the hustle of store shopping on Black Friday. Yeah there are deals to be had, but just not worth the stress for me. I think it’s finding parking that bugs me the most about the whole shopping event, not the people crowding the stores. For such a time of giving, people can be so selfish, and rude.

Just having Henry take screen shots on his iPad of the things he wants from Santa and will be added to his Santa book that we started a few years back. We will be doing our family tradition of the pre-gift Christmas Elf present. Basically if he gets a gift on Christmas Eve from the elf then that means that Santa will stop by the house, if not, then Santa passes us by. Needless to say, Santa has never missed our house.

So, this is wishing everyone a HAPPY Thanksgiving holiday, and hoping that not everyone eats themselves crazy 😛 .

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