Repairs at the Borg Cube

So today is finally the start of the repairs on the drywall in the basement. It’s been a long time coming but, first drywaller got sick with the flu. Hopefully. We get that gaping hole to the garage patched up as last week was very cold.

The four day weekend with the kids was relatively uneventful; henry was busy creating on his iPad in an app that allows for drawing and overlays of previous screens so he can craft motion to his imagination. He quite good at it! John was having nothing to do with the outdoors with temp in the 30s and windy, so it was tickles and snuggle for him.

The first day off prove to be a bit of a challenge. No one wanted to go anywhere but was bored in the house. John was especially anxious with his week of school interrupted by being home and not because he was ill. He’s can be an attention handful to say the least.

I concentrated on housework as much as the kids would let me, but Henry kept following me trying to show me the latest steps he added to his animations and john seemed worried that i was leaving every time I moved. So, it was a trick of sorts to try and keep them occupied long enough to do the simple things like load the dishwasher, or switch over the washed clothes downstairs.

I sometimes i feel too old to be a parent with little (but quickly growing) kids, but on the flip side would have made a terrible parent if i were in my early thirties doing the same. I was not mature enough to pull off early parenting, but lack the agility that I once did. It’s a catch 22.

But I try to do what I can, and constantly remind myself that what seems like time and space to me, feels like a total brush off to my children when they want to share with me. I have to remember that they are at an age that the validation from home may be the only place they can feel safe to share so freely, and I have to be open to that.

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