Christmas Done


With the tree having been decorated on Christmas Eve, yes we cut is that close this year, and gifts all opened and enjoyed; a calm has returned to the house as we await the celebrations of the New Year to approach.

Hopefully, all were able to enjoy the Christmas chaos or calm, whatever form it took, and get things a bit back to normal afterwards.

Each year it seems we take less and less pictures of the kids and everyone opening gifts, getting so caught up in the moments instead. I regret that sometimes, but love being so engrossed in the moment too.

John even got into the unwrapping affair a bit but once he got past his first gift he was done opening presents. He’s so satisfied by something new and not into the quantity of things yet.

Henry enjoyed his new Nerf guns, although they are powerful enough for outdoor use only. The shoot out balls instead of darts and I see a future of buying many back up/replacement packs for them.

Right now I’m Enjoying that my kids loved what they got and enjoyed the morning, and that with the wrappings all out of the house we can start to get the larger boxes cleared too.

We had a simple Christmas, and I think that worked very well this year. Not much family around to share with without travels, and they were mostly traveling elsewhere anyway.. So no planning lavish meals, and having hours of talks and debates through the night for us.

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