Well Out With the Old



The start of another year, and I can hardly believe how fast the last one went!

I’ve been spending the last part of 2017 finishing up the contacting (finally done) of the basement repairs, and spending all the time I can while my children are on their Winter Break from school.

I’ve made spending time with them a priority and can’t believe how they’ve grown both physically and intellectually! I see them everyday during school year and yet I find, now, that somehow this has all happened under my nose with little notice from me. So, I’ve been having long conversations with Henry (who now tells me he loves having talks with me-enter heart melting), and watching and participating in John’s exploration of the world around him.

I’ve also been seeing my Mom in the Home more often, and she is always so happy to see me that I feel guilty for not seeing her more. I wish I could give her more, but in her state of her disease (Dementia), she is in need or want of very little other than my company. So, have made it a goal to scoop things aside and make that a more common occurrence.



The new year will bring great Japanese traditions. I will be making a traditional New Year’s dinner for my Mom this evening of Rice, Salmon egg sushi, Japanese blacks beans and Fish Cake. I think she will really enjoy the meal and a wonderful change from the scheduled meals at the Home. Usually there is a small gift exchange but I got her all she needs (splurging on high end products she used to love) for Christmas. Plus I need very little from her, than to know she is doing well, and continuing her new friendships at the Home.

I don’t write about her much, but she’s one of the few residents that has a sassy attitude at the Home; the staff just love her. She often playfully sticks her tongue out at them in a loving gesture, and they do it back. She often says she wants to be tended to by the sexiest boy they have on duty at the time, and they oblige if they can. She still is a real hoot. So glad that in-spite of the advancement of the disease-she still remember family members and me, and has held on the the fun side of her personality.

It a terrible disease, and hard for me to see who was once and very independent woman, taking charge of all around her-on her own- to now need so much assistance and have very little vocabulary left. But she still can make me laugh and vice versa and that is the best medicine there is!

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