Life continues, even though backed up still…

The clean up part of life in the basement will start tomorrow. It will be three shared walls coming down and all furniture that will get cleared out and stored by the insurance company. They start marking the keeps and store tomorrow!

I’ve been trying the keep the children upstairs, and keeping water usage to a minimum as repair of the pipe has not begun yet. Luckily the water stays (if slowly) at ground level in the basement drain, so if we are all careful we can keep it from flooding everywhere. If we aren’t careful it spreads like the Blob threatening everything around it.

Been hand washing with box mixing bowls and trickling water, and keeping showers very short. I’ve been using the dishwasher as a drying rack and laundry is hauled every two days to the laundry mat.

I’m not sure if it’s created more family time or not, but I try to keep in a good mood when I do spend time with them.

Henry is so sensitive to my moods and can tell I’m stressed before I even realize it! So he will often ask me if I am mad; sigh. He’s also mentioned that seeing me just sitting doing nothing or watching TV is weird, because I’m always moving around doing things. Ah the life of a Mom!