A New Beginning….

As I notice a handful of people coming across my site and liking what I’ve posted (a year ago, when I stopped), I decided to give it a go again.

Instead of making 7 blogs, at this time, that are tightly targeted, I’ve decided I will just share here. I’m a older mom (almost 50) of two children, run a household -if somewhat poorly-and also care for and elderly mother with advanced dementia.

With those expansive dynamics in my life,it’s hard to untangle them for individual blog pages, as they are so intertwined into what makes me, well, ME.

So, I will regather my thoughts, start anew, right here. I hope that the things I share that you may come across speak to you, and perhaps it may not; but feel free to leave comments if you have anything to add or share.

Till then, I wish you well, and will see you around the next corner!

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