Summer Vacation is coming…

and my eldest, Henry, can’t wait. But, alas, he will have Summer School and two Summer camp programs to take up his time.

He will be going to summer camp for meteorology, and geology; two things that he’s really interested in. He will get to go to a real weather station and in the other camp he will go on a real dig. I think as parents, we are more excited than he is. This is his first year of any kind of summer camp activity, so we decided to take it slow with three-week day camps would be best.

Little John will only have Summer School, and I’ll have to think up day activities for him at home or the park. I want him to have more experiences since he’s still rather timid. I’m hoping we can get him to come out of his shell a bit (but not too much).

I find that finding good activities for John challenging; I don’t know if it’s the Down Syndrome, his age, or a combo of both, but he’s very picky about what he has interest in and his interest last for a very limited amount of time. I think it’ll be a learning Summer for both of us.

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