So Much Has Happened…

I finished my physical therapy for my whiplash and feel so much better. I can actually change lanes while driving without it being a crapshoot. I can finally sleep in my bed; I was sleeping upright in recliner till my neck got stronger.

I still have to get motivated enough to unpack the 40+ boxes that line out basement, since our things were all returned after the repairs from the flooding. I know I should be all over it, but to be honest, just looking at the mountain of boxes drains me immediately. I am slowly working on it, but have a long way to go.

What I have been doing successfully, is spending as much quality time and conversation with my children. My ten-year old talks on limitless topics and I try to stay as engaged as possible. I have to admit that some of the topics as those he discusses with his peers I don’t quite grasp, but I ask for explanation where appropriate. He has told me that he loves our conversations, and that is definitely enough to keep my attention.

My 7-year old amazes me at every turn. Still considered to be non-verbal, he is trying to use words for simple routine requests, and displays his understanding goes far beyond what he’s able to say. He’s proving he’s more abled than disabled, and I love that!

I’ve now got to get in the swing of writing again; so much I could put down but I’ll break it up in bits and pieces instead.

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