Now the Kids…

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So while struggling for gift ideas for my husbands, the kids are easy-staying on budget is the hard part with them.

Since John loves the mimicry of Tom the Cat app, I’m getting him the real life version. He loves that it repeats any words or sound that he makes. Most animated stuffed toys scare him, but he seems to take to these okay. Hope it’s a hit for him and can survive his dragging it around everywhere.

For henry, he’s all about animation, drawing, legos, and nerf guns. So, he has already picked out his “only things want” list with one thing. We actually got two so that the battles are fair. He’s a pretty good aim, but not yet good as me; although he loads his gun faster than I do. We got extra nerf balls because we know in the quick and fast we lose a lot of them.

For now, I’m finding all that I’m seeking and hopefully I can get them shipped and wrapped in time. Hiding them will be a challenge-gets harder and harder every year to keep them undiscovered till Christmas morning.

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