Gifts For Him…

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Not sure what in the world to get my husband for Christmas. He doesn’t really have any hobbies, take part in any sports or, other than reading news,any real pass times. I finally decided on this. He enjoys a glass of whisky occasionally and I already have the whisky cube maker, so he should be able to treat himself in style.

He also enjoys history so may get a book he’s been looking at for some time, so I’m adding that to my list for him. Haven’t decided on hard cover or kindle version just yet. He likes both, so it’ll be up to me to pick one as a surprise.

Of course I will get him some updates to his wardrobe as well for shoveling the driveway and such, as it gets pretty cold here.

So in short, still on the hunt for gifts. Luckily the kids are more decisive on what THEY want.

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