Thanksgiving Done. Next….

Christmas! Yes it’s less than four weekends away. So let the kids’ wishlists begin.

John is easy but hard. Since he has Down Syndrome he doesn’t know how to request things. We try to keep it educational, but we are constantly running into him being smarter than we give him credit for. He’s non-verbal in comparison to his peers at 6 years old. He does know to let us know if he likes or doesn’t like something, but we have to show him first.

He likes iPad games, so may just do that and maybe some musical kiddies toys, as he like to sing. He’s just learning how to write, so spelling apps for children may be an option as well. I currently say/sign words for him to mimic and spell hoping that he catches on, but it’s hard to tell, yet, how much he grasps.

Henry is all video games, animation creating apps, and building things with legos. He’s quite good at all those things along with drawing. So, that and maybe some Nerf shooters are in the mix for him. He’s anxiously awaiting to see if the pre-Christmas elf will grace him with a visit. He’s worried that he wont find his gift this year since he’s getting older, at 10 now, the Elf has to be very creative in leaving a small gift for him to find.

We have yet to get our tree up, and Henry has taken up the task of being the one to decorate it. Not sure where he stands on that task this year, but he’s done a good job so far. If he doesn’t I will step in and take over. I always love the look of the tree up and lit. Hopefully, this year isn’t’ the year that John takes it all down, crossing my fingers!

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