Date Night,What?!

After more than two years, my husband and I had a date night. That’s right; more than two years! How life has gotten so involved that a simple thing like that could elude us, I don’t know!

We got to see the movie “Murder On the Orient Express” with basically an all star cast. Neither of us had read the book, so it was a new story for the both of us. We also had a quick dinner and squeezed in some Christmas shopping before the movie. It was nice to be out and not have to play hall monitor to two boys for once.

Usually even a trip to a restaurant and shopping can be spent with us running around and telling them to stay close, sit up straight, not make lots of noise, etc.. Having the time just to ourselves was great! In fact the only time we even pulled out our cell phones was to show each other what we wanted for Christmas.

Luckily I had a friend, who had the evening free, and she so happens to have a son who is best friends to my oldest, Henry. John is pretty content to play on his own and doesn’t need too much in the way of attention. In the arena of having a special needs child, we got very lucky with John.

Now, with November coming to a close, it’s time to look forward to December-yeah it’s coming everyone! Christmas. So it’ll be shopping and internet searches and comparisons, We have taken on the tips for educational reasons on finances that Santa makes the little gifts and that Mom and Dad buy the big gifts. It’s a tip I read somewhere a few years back.

It’s been great in teaching that IPads and electronics do not come out of thin air, and that money is actually involved in getting those big items. That way it’s better understood why we can’t always get what is wished for. Henry, who is now 10, understands this, and better appreciates the times he gets a big ticket item on Christmas. Thank you whoever thought of that idea!

So to those who continue to brave the stores, wait for internet sites to load, happy shopping and good luck!

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