Thankful But Sad Day

Thanksgiving Weekend marks a day of thanks and family, but for us also marks the first anniversary of my Mother-In_laws passing. Last year at this time, we were headed to her apartment to have Supper and it was my husband that found her.

So needless to say, we had a quiet dinner, of pan fried chicken (she used to alway make that), with little to say the whole evening. We all knew what the day marked and talking about it would seem to ruin the meal. But we enjoyed out food, in relative silence together as a family. Eating together at the table is a RARE event in our house-especially all eating the same thing!

The rest of the day was spent quietly as well. We talked some, but the boisterous household was toned down quite a bit.

I took off for a quick while to the Memory Care Home to visit my mother (who has advanced Dementia) and snuck in a slice of thick crust pizza. It’s one of her favorite foods that she doesn’t get in the Home. She was so glad to see me me and really enjoyed the pizza surprise. Afterwards she fell asleep (what she spends 90% of her time doing now), and I took my exit to get back to my family.

Today will be a day of rest while the rest of the country is busily on the computers, shopping, and in stores crawling over one another. No Black Friday shopping for us!

I hope all had a good Thanksgiving with family and friends, and can survive the shopping craziness of today.

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