Getting Ahead of Myself…

Not sure what will be left off me tomorrow, as John took a late nap and that equals a LATE night for me. I’m his favorite parent right now, so that will leave me to pay endless attention, that he will demand, into the wee hours of the morning.

To add to that, it’s night that Henry watches late-night Anime on TV, so he usually is jumping around from that. He gets so excited over his Dragon Ball Z and such (don’t even ask me the names of all the shows). It’s the latest craze for his age, at school. I’ve never been a fad person myself, so trying to keep with fads of his generation makes my head spin.

Funny, I can’t even plans gifts and holidays too far in advance in fear that it’s “out-of-trend” by the time giving comes around.

I didn’t get too much done today. It was one of those days. Not that it was a bad day, more a day which I lacked any motivation. So, I directed all my energy stores for the kids. Played with John and conversed with Henry. Sounds much easier done, than reality.



Now starts the Anime Marathon (as I call it), and the endless tickle hugs from John. Even John gets into the Anime shows , it seems and gets very excited about the action scenes.

It will be a long night, but this is the typical Saturday night. I will be a tired Momma in the morning!

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