The fans are back

So the fans are back, due to clean up crew forgetting to cap off sink drain that is shared with washer machine. But they added a heater so hopefully dry enough today for them to pick up and peace restored to the house.

Meanwhile I found out that my little John has a wiggly front tooth. The first of the set, and it has him unpredictably cranky. I think he gets mad when he bumps it and it might hurt. I’ll be playing with him and then he will shout out, very loudly, into my face. Ah, the joys of parenting!

The end of today will start the beginning of a four-day weekend for my kids, and that might make for a l-o-n-g weekend for me. I could fill it with activities, but honestly, getting  John anywhere is a bit of a hassle (for lack of a better word).

He still wears diapers, and very particular about his foods and need to bring HIS cup everywhere. It’s like traveling with a 60 lbs baby! Just so much extra that still goes into outings with him than a “typical” child of his age.

I feel bad that I feel, sometimes, a bit pinned down, but it is honest. Plus, he isn’t keen to new places and once he’s comfortable he’s hard to keep track of; so it’s a double-edged sword. At the same time, I love his sense of discovery and his reaching for independence if not a bit challenging.

Henry on the other hand is full of independence! He has a mind of his own sometimes, and often that is in the opposite direction than where I’m headed. He’s a good kid, but definitely that 10 year old selfishness to boot.

So keeping track of both on outing, when I don’t have my husband’s help, is a whirlwind that makes my head spin.

Hopefully I can get a grip on myself and plan something fun for the three of us that doesn’t create too much stress.

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