“Crap” all gone and drying done…

The carpeting gone, walls cut out and dryers being picked up today!

In the meantime, I’ve been paying special attention to the things I CAN control; paying more attention to my boys. That included tickle games with John, and listening and commenting on the endless hero stories from the mind of my older son, Henry. Henry is quite the imaginative artist. What he lacks in superior graphics he makes up in plots and cliff-hangers.

John is getting smarter every time I turn my head. In spite of his having Down Syndrome, he exposes bits and pieces of what he knows and it always surprises us-so wish we could really know what runs around in that head of his! He is, though, turning into a big boy, at 6, still runs around like he’s 2-it’s like having that Mastiff running towards you when he thinks he’s a miniature Poodle-sometimes scary to say the least.

I have really enjoyed the time with the boys and increased conversation with my husband; just don’t realize how much I miss by constantly being on the move, even if it’s just in the house. It’s hard sometimes to show patience when I’m trying to get things done around the house; feels like cleaning after a frat party sometimes.

So I will continue to try and keep my eyes and energy on things I can handle and not stress too much on the stuff that blows in the wind.

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