Finally we can flush!

The contracted plumbing company was finally able to make it out to replace the broken sewer line in our yard! I just hope that all stays clear like they say it will, would hate to have them come out again!

Will be celebrating with family on this little/big turn of events here, and catch up on laundry. Who thought I’d be happy to do dishes and laundry??? And BATHS, yay, baths! Little John will be so happy, he hated showers.

Now I can get back to studying up during the day as my motivation goes out the door when under stress. Trying to get my skills out there as a Virtual Assistant so that I can work from home, leaving me free to spend time with the family while bringing in extra income. The extra wouldn’t really be extra to start out, more like NEEDED income, but hopefully someday it will be money we can actually enjoy as a family-that is my goal.

I have the skills to get my foot in the door and love to learn, so I’m hoping that this will be the answer to the issue of my working full time out of the house, where all the money went out the door to daycare, because I worked outside the home.

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