Breaking Ground…

Today they are supposed to break up our yard and get the sewer line fixed, but the ground is all but frozen, so I’m really crossing my fingers right now!

The night of family time in bed left me scurrying to the recliner to get some sleep. I feel like I’m the bad guy in a Bruce Lee movie when sleeping with the kids in the same bed! They end up all over, even upside down on the bed. Just not the recipe for a good night’s sleep by any definition.

Poor Henry is feeling the stress emanating from me and my husband over all that is going on right now, and has not been his talkative self. I tried to ease him into a better mood, and I think he ended the night okay. He went on with his light saber and Tae Kwon Do moves, so all was back to normal, if not a bit dangerous for our dogs.

John, luckily, is happy in his own space most of the time, although he had more unexplained outbursts than normal. These are moment he just scream/yells for no apparent reason. Last only about 5-10 seconds, but always catches us off guard…he’s quite loud. 😛

Hopefully, we can get normal plumbing back SOON, and thing will be more back to the same routine as it was before. Back to me feeling out of energy and breath to keep up with the kids and house. Back to the endless stories of MineCraft characters, Pokémon characters and adventures and all the other things that I can’t even explain coming out of Henry’s mouth, and John dancing and singing to his iPad.

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