Life in a single bed…

With the disruption of the routine at home with the backed up sewer line, it has changed the course of my little John’s, who has Down Syndrome, routine.

This has caused him to not sleep in his own bed, meaning he’s sleeping with Mom and Dad. With that Henry, his older brother, gets jealous, and wants to sleep with us as well. Thank goodness we have a king sized bed, but with the spider stretching the two children do, I’m sure the bed’s purpose is missed entirely.

So my husband and I, sleep on the slivers of the edge while the children fight for space in their sleep. Doesn’t make for ideal conditions at night, and leaves us parents very weary in the morning! There is nothing like spending the night being Kung Foo kicked and B**tched slapped all night!!

When I figured that we’d get more family time, as I do the laundry at the laundry mat during he day (while the kids are in school and husband at work), and dishes in small lots each evening, I had not expected it to be so tight knit *wink*.

This week brings the promise of the main underground pipe being fixed, and then the moving company from insurance to haul our stuff into storage. I’m hoping to get back to something of a normal life soon, and this has really changed my schedule around.

I don’t’ get to visit my Mom in the Home as often as I’d like with all the phone calls and people going to and fro from our house, but I really am home-bound while this all takes place. Nothing like feeling prisoner in your own home when most of what you need to get done is out of the house, but it is what it is.

I’m trying not to let it get to me and know that there are somethings that need to get done that are out of my control; but as a control freak, it TOUGH! I want to be in control of the delegations and everything, but can’t.

It’s hard not to let this effect my family, especially kids, when a big situation like this happens and the stress can get to me sometimes; but I try to remember family first and make them as comfortable and keep as much a routine as possible going.

It’s hardest on John, since he goes downstairs for his alone time. After a day at school he needs his own “unwind moments”, and will scoot downstairs to get away from it all. He doesn’t understand why he’s been blocked from doing that, and I’ve tried to set his room as the next best alternative. He’s trying to adjust to the restricted space.

He’s also far more needy during this transition (thank goodness Henry understands better), and that takes more energy than usual. Sometimes i feel too old for all this, but a smile and a hug seems to melt that away.

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