Back to the Mothership…

I returned from a fun trip to vegas to reunite with a friend I had not seen in over 12 years! Yes, 12 years. It was so fun being able to spend time with her like no time had past at all, and that’s he best thing about my longest lasting friendships.

As all things, though, goods things have to come to an end. After almost five days away, it was time to go home. Back to a home that was left in the hands of my husband and my two boys.

What I returned to was something that looked like a tornado passed by a UPS store, the post office and every fast food joint in town and dropped it off at my house! I was overwhelming what 5 days without Mom’s hand could do!

So I slowly started to get things back in order my tackling laundry first; only to find out that the main line drain pipe from our house had cracked. So all the water, whatever the source, was backing dirt into our laundry room drain, soaking the carpet and floors with MUD! Ugh, not pleasant at all.

As no water can be run, dishes laundry, even hand washing and toilets have been put on hold, till I can get emergency plumbing work done. Not the way I wanted to start my fresh week home, but something that can’t be ignored or put off at all.


Just got a call and they can have someone here by 1:00 PM today, which is house from now, but the closest they can get for now.

I guess that means that I hang tight, and wait-not off to a fun or even productive day so far.

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